Intelligent Networks, provides security and information, with peace of mind, in a connected but distributed environment.

How do we add value to your business?

Intelligent Networks, adds value to customers by deployment of Cybera’s Edge Appliances, best practice configuration and optimization standards with other network value-add services such as wi-fi and fail over. Monitoring is provided in our NoC using CyberaVUE.


Cybera consolidates multiple devices into a single secure application appliance that is easily installed and requires limited integration.

Intelligent Networks provides a cost effective Internet
VPN replacement solution as a fully managed service.

Utilising Cybera, we offer a unique security and application deployment architecture that provides a scalable and manageable methodology for large distributed retailers to grow their businesses. The Cybera solution integrates multiple services into a single network appliance solution such as POS payment, POS support, Site-to-Site VPN, Wi-Fi and much more.

SD-WAN for Retail

Enhancing PCI security & Guest Experience

SD-WAN Desktop Icon SD-WAN Mobile Icon
Network Consolidation Icon Network Consolidation

Cybera’s secure Software Defined WAN technology for the retail industry, SD-WAN for Retail, consolidates multiple network functions and apps such as loyalty programs, POS, guest Wi-Fi, digital signage, and more over new or existing links.

Fewer Devices Icon Fewer Devices

This significantly reduces the number of devices and connections needed at each location. And deployment is easy and fast.

Multi Unit SD-WAN Icon Multi Unit SD-WAN

As your retail chain expands, why not choose the industry’s most proven multi-unit SD-WAN platform for delivering secure apps and network services to all your locations? In just minutes, you can deploy the most welcoming, secure and reliable guest experience virtually anywhere without the complexity, cost and performance issues of multi-box systems.

Auto Securing Icon Auto Securing

We automatically secure all your apps from breach propagation so you’ll be enhancing your PCI compliance without even trying. With frictionless app deployment, you can enable your ordering and payment systems, guest Wi-Fi, social media engagement, loyalty programs and more - all to the amazement and delight of your remote teams, franchisees and, most especially, your guests - no matter where on earth they may be.

Internet of Things

Wireless technology
to connect anything
that can be connected.

For the past few years we have heard countless views of what IoT platforms can do for business, home and other areas of our lives. The truth is, the “Internet of Things”, as we know it and try to make sense of it, is whatever we make of it. There are sensors for pretty much everything you can think of and to make it an IoT play, it simply needs to connect to the internet or a network that can transmit information from the sensor.

What is an
IOT Network?

A dedicated, reliable and secure radio network for connecting “Things” Dedicated capacity and peak loading for the network is in the millions of messages per hour

  • - Highly resilient to electronic jamming
  • - GSM/3G/4G jammers have no effect
  • - Extremely low power standby and message time
  • - Months/years with AA batteries
  • - Low cost chipsets = low cost devices
  • - One-way messages in both directions
  • - Limited to very small messages
VisioSoft Logo

Visiosoft has developed a truly remarkable platform that comprises of Hardware (the sensor), Communication platform (messaging) and Cloud managed software. Together the trio provides a standalone solution that is complimentary to any environment, be it fixed or mobile.

VisioSoft Icon Visiosoft product set

IoT Turnkey solutions

Visio Device
VisioTamper Solution VisioTamper

Smart sensors for tamper detection applications.

VisioUtil Solution VisioUtil

Data transmition from utility meters

VisioTrack Solution VisioTrack

Smart sensors for asset tracking applications

VisioAlert Solution VisioAlert

Smart sensors for alert and panic applications

VisioThermo Solution VisioThermo

Transmit temperature and humidity data

VisioAuto Solution VisioAuto

Transmit data from ECU and tracking information.

remove_red_eye Smartview Console

The management Console

The Smart View cloud console monitors the real-time status, network conditions and IoT responses for each device/site across the distributed enterprise

Cybera Smartview Console

WI-FI as a Service

Wireless Networking Icon Wireless Networking

Future proof your workspace WiFi with our Aruba powered robust workspace WiFi solutions primed for enterprise, small branch and retail store use.

Unlike a wired network, which uses physical cables to connect your computers and devices to the internet, a wireless network allows users to move about and remain connected via access points which boost WiFi signals.

Wireless networks can create computer networks which connect your devices without any cables running between them at all.

This allows your business to connect its computing devices and equipment without the need for the expensive and disruptive installation procedures required to build an internal wired network.

Wireless Local Area Networks, or WLANs, linke multiple devices using wireless distribution protocols, providing access through network nodes to the wider internet without the need to connect directly to an ethernet port.

There are several benefits of choosing wireless networking including the convenience of wide coverage, enhanced staff mobility, improved team collaboration and productivity, robust security, and easy setup and expandability without the need for additional physical wiring.

WiFi Analytics Icon WiFi Analytics

Intelligent Networks has partnered with Skyfii to provide WiFi analytics services allowing you to engage with your customers on a much deeper level and obtain strategic insights directly from your customers’ online and offline habits.

Free Wi-Fi at businesses has historically not delivered on its promise. Even if customers enjoy free access, they tend to quickly complain about slow browsing speeds or inconsistent availability.

Businesses are often pressured to have this ‘value-add’ by customers, but very rarely see any direct benefit from providing what is a complicated technical outlay.

Modern WiFi analytics solves the problem of cost by providing leverageable business intelligence about customers. Like online stores which can track and personalise shopping experiences for returning customers, WiFi analytics allows your brick-and-mortar locations to accrue detailed data about the people you serve who pass through your front door.

By drawing behavioural observations from your Wi-Fi access points, which detect the signals sent by customers’ mobile devices, your WiFi analytics tools can augment traditional point-of-sale performance assessments and help improve your retail offerings.

WiFi analytics allow you to understand your customers’ browsing habits and attention patterns, enabling your retail stores to measure their performance against KPIs previously thought unknowable.

Managed Network Services

Networking as a service

Infrastructure Icon Infrastructure

Solve your IT challenges with help from Intelligent Network's experts, solutions and services. We provide simpler and more flexible IT infrastructure which caters for your business demands and budgets.

IT infrastructure is the heart and soul of your digitally capable business. It is most often the computing resources required for the existence, operation and management of your enterprise.

Typically IT infrastructure consists of hardware, software, networking facilities and the human labour required to maintain and run the system.

This infrastructure can be owned and operated within your business or secured in a remote facility, hosted within a cloud computing solution, or any number of combinations thereof.

A powerful, secure and reliable IT infrastructure is vital for any enterprise or business which aims to organise internally, enhance productivity and deliver to clients on time in the context of the modern, interconnected, always online digital landscape.

Managed Services Icon Managed Services

Trust our on the ground and remote expert service to implement robust and reliable industry best practices, building flexible and cost-effective solutions for your IT needs.

Managed IT services are most often provided by a third party contractor, where the contractor is tasked with maintaining the functionality of your IT services and infrastructure.

While these managed services vary from case to case, every instance aims to diminish the operational burden placed upon your business where IT services are concerned.

This allows you to focus on your core business concerns without the need to manage the day to day chores and tasks of keeping your IT systems effective, efficient and fully functional.

Unlike the break-fix and on-demand models of outsourcing your IT services, managed services distributes these responsibilities proactively and constantly to your service provider.

This allows you to function strategically, optimise your operations and cut extra expenses incurred by relying on billed-per-service arrangements.

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